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Phil Owen & Co Liverpool accountants are dedicated to making sure our clients get the best accountancy services Liverpool has to offer especially when it comes to helping you out with the construction industry scheme.

Liverpool Accountants Deal with Construction Industry Scheme

Construction Industry SchemeThe construction industry scheme (CIS) sets out all of the rules needed for how payments to subcontractors for working in construction must be handled by the contractors in the construction industry. This scheme mainly applies to contractors, and subcontractors, in the mainstream of construction work. However, businesses or organisations whose core activities don’t include construction but have high yearly spending on construction may also count and fall under this scheme.

At Phil Owen & Co, accountants Liverpool we understand how difficult it can be to understand all of the jargon that comes along with the necessary rules and regulations you have to abide by when in the construction industry. We also understand that at the end of the day you want to be doing your job and not worrying about anything else – which is where our highly trained Liverpool accountancy services can help you out.

You can have a little check to see if CIS applies to you and your business or we can look and let you know, it really can be that simple. The Liverpool accountancy services Phil Owen & Co offer can take you through all of the guidelines necessary to make sure you are abiding by the rules.

Phil Owen & Co Liverpool Accountants Cover Construction Industry Scheme

Being a contractor you have obligations under the construction industry scheme, which include registering with the CIS and checking whether the subcontractors you use are HMRC registered. You also have obligations when it comes to paying your subcontractors and submitting monthly returns to the HMRC.

Phil Owen & Co Liverpool accountants know that having this added on top of everything else you have to do can make it a bit stressful so why not let Phil Owen & Co accountants Liverpool help out in every way so there is less for you to worry about? After all we pride ourselves in offering the best Liverpool accountancy services, so why not trust your accountancy needs to us.

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