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Phil Owen & Co Liverpool accountants specialize in ensuring that customers receive the best accountancy services Liverpool can provide particularly when you are looking at the construction industry scheme.

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CIS TaxationThe construction industry scheme (CIS) determines most of the guidelines necessary for the paying of sub-contractors relating to doing work in building construction for other main building contractors within the building construction industry. The scheme primarily relates to building contractors, and also sub-contractors, doing conventional construction work. Nevertheless, companies and business employers where main functions don’t consist of building construction yet have got large annual investing in construction could also are categorized as within the scheme.

Here at Phil Owen & Co, accountants Liverpool we know exactly how challenging it might be to grasp many of the terms which will come with the recommended regulations and rules you’ll have to follow while in the construction business. Additionally we realise that at the end of the day you would like to do your work rather than being concerned about other things – that is exactly where all of our professional Liverpool accountancy services will help you.

You may have a look to determine if CIS relates to both you and your organization alternatively we are able to check and inform you, it is as simple as that. All of the Liverpool accountancy services of Phil Owen & Co usually take you through the many regulations required to be certain that you’re following the policies.

Phil Owen & Co Liverpool Accountants CIS Specialists

Becoming a contractor you have got responsibilities within the CIS, including signing up to the CIS then verifying whether or not the sub-contractors you employ are already HMRC disclosed. There are also responsibilities with regards to payments made to of the sub-contractors as well as sending regular monthly returns to HMRC.

Phil Owen & Co Liverpool accountants understand that with this additional to all the other things that you need to do causes it to become a little demanding so why wouldn’t you make Phil Owen & Co accountants Liverpool help you in each and every possible way so that you have less to be worried about. All things considered we great pride in providing the most effective Liverpool accountancy services, you should therefore place all of your accounting requirements with us.

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