Capital Gains Tax

Capital Gains Tax

Are you selling land or property, selling shares or selling any other business assets? Phil Owen & Co Accountants Liverpool will guide you through the minefield of Capital Gains Tax Advice.

Capital Gains Tax UK

At Phil Owen & Co Accountants Liverpool we will explain what you are able to sell, donate or give away without having to pay any capital gains tax. We will discuss your options on any other assets you wish to dispose of such as property, business shares or personal possessions, making sure that your capital gains tax liability is kept to a minimum.

We will suggest times that may be more favourable to sell or dispose of assets, i.e. prior to or after legislation changes and help you understand the treatment of employee shares, or what is required if you or your employees receive gratuities (tips).

There are significant savings to be made from exemptions and reliefs; our Liverpool Accountants will help you with all the complexities involved and calculate your final payment figure. A full tax planning  and tax savings service is also available to you so why not call us today or complete the contact form available on our website.