Small Business Startup

Phil Owen & Co Liverpool accountant gives advice to many people who have a small business startup idea. The first thing you have to look at is whether your idea is in fact viable, that means will it provide you with a living, will it make a profit, will the business grow, will you run the business on your own or will you have to employ someone. All these questions have to be look at before you go any further.

Is Your Idea Good Enough for a Small Business Startup

StartupSo you have an idea, you need to do a little research, decide who your customers will be and talk to them. Find out if your products or service is wanted or needed. Test the market give samples and get feedback.

There are many Liverpool accountancy firms that that will understand what you have to do to get you small business startup off the ground but with Phil Owen & Co Liverpool accountant you will get the personal service that you will need at a time when all you have is questions.

Personal Service From Phil Owen & Co

Accountancy services are not the cheapest of the things you will need but with the expertise that Phil Owen & Co has and the guidance that will be provided you will be far better off than trying to do it all on your own to save money. A Good Liverpool accountant like Phil Owen & Co will be able to help you find funding for your enterprise, will be able to arrange the incorporation of your business and sort out your self-assessment Liverpool when the time comes. If you employ people you will need PAYE and payroll services to ensure you are doing everything the law requires.

All this is just the tip of the iceberg. Many small business startup ideas never get to see the light of day because the person with the idea doesn’t know where to start. Well now you have read this article your can tell them or maybe you have an idea yourself. Contact Phil Owen & Co for an informal discussion and take it from there.

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