Starting A Limited Company

Phil Owen & Co Liverpool accountants are providers of the best accountancy services Liverpool has to offer especially when it comes to needing advice on starting up a limited company.

Professional Advice Starting A Limited Company

Starting a limited companyWhen setting up a new company or organisation, Phil Owen & Co  will give you the business start-up advice you require, the most important thing is to make sure that the HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) know if it’s liable for Corporation tax, to help you pay any corporation tax if it’s due and to fill your company tax returns on time.

Our Liverpool accountants can help you if you need to take action if your previously dormant limited company becomes active once again – this is because the HMRC corporation tax requirements are separate to what your company needs to register with companyies house.

Starting Up A Limited Company Who Needs To Know?

The accountants Liverpool Company Phil Owen & Co can help you set up a new company or organisation that’s liable for corporation tax, for this you must:

  1. Tell the HMRC you are active within the first three months of the business starting.
  2. Pay any corporation tax that may be due and pay it on time.
  3. You need to file a tax return for your company for each period of your corporation tax.

You shouldn’t worry about this in any way though, as our accountants Liverpool are highly trained and experienced when it comes to starting up a limited company.

The limited company you want comes into existence when it is incorporated or registered at Companies House. Phil Owen & Co trained Liverpool accountants can help you every step that you take in filing all of the correct documents and requirements.

HMRC update their records to reflect all of the additional information our accountants in Liverpool and you provided. Once everything is completed HMRC will write to you to confirm everything including deadline dates for corporation tax payments and submitting tax returns.

Don’t worry if this sounds difficult to you, our accountancy services Liverpool can help you – so just contact us at Phil Owen & Co.

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